Sore throat! We’re constantly subject to thermal stresses due to the season or our habit to live at artificial temperatures.
So we ask the apothecary for advice, but instead of a box of disinfectant candies, we get back a thousand questions. Why?
Because every sore throat is different, and we can speed up the healing process by taking the most suitable medication from the very beginning.

Sore throat? Natural remedies!


Sore throat? Natural remedies!

My throat is swollen, I feel like having a potato there and I’m thirsty of fresh water.
I would suggest 5 granules of Apis 15CH at least three times a day.


Sore throat? Natural remedies!

My throat is dry and flame red, I find it hard to swallow because it’s very painful.
In this case we can take 5 granules of Belladonna 9CH at least three times a day.


My throat is as red as sealing wax, when I swallow I feel pain up to my ears.
These are excellent indicators to try Phytolacca 9CH, 5 granules at least three times a day.

Mercurius solubilis  

Sore throat? Natural remedies!

My sore throat is getting worse, I have a whitish coat on my tonsils and my breath kills even at a distance!
At this point it’s advisable to use Mercurius solubilis 15CH, 5 granules three times a day.

All these remedies can be contained in a single complex homeopathic medication, or taken along with others.

Argentum nitricum

My throat is painful, when I swallow I feel like having a splinter stuck into my mucosa.
This is the case of Argentum nitricum 9CH, three times a day.


Propolis is a resinous substance prepared by bees for defence purposes.
It’s very rich in active principles with antibacterial, antiviral and antifungal effects.
We can find it in many forms: drops, pills, spray etc. Anyway, it’s important that we choose a good quality propolis, if we want it to be effective.
Propolis has a very particular taste, hardly camouflageable, so it may not be always appreciated.
If we prefer it in a liquid form, I would suggest Propolis Mother Tincture, 20 drops three times a day. It’s quite painful on a sore throat, but its benefit is guaranteed!


Echinacea is a plant with powerful anti-inflammatory and anti-infective effects.
It’s often used to prevent winter ailments, but it’s also very useful to heal an acute sore throat. Naturally in this case the daily dose must be higher. In case of Echinacea Mother Tincture, 30 drops at least three times a day.

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