The 10 best homeopathic remedies for acne prove their efficacy by acting internally. In fact, I’m often asked for a “miraculous cream for acne”. But homeopathy can correct the inner imbalances that cause it!

Causes for acne

Acne is characterized by the presence of pimples and blackheads on our face or trunk. These are the areas where the concentration of sebaceous glands is higher. It’s the growth of these glands, pushed by certain hormones, that cause an overproduction of sebum. This substance, along with dead cells that should detach from our skin, occlude our pores. So they swell up. And, on top of this little mountain, some bacteria banquet with these subtances and create pus.

Acne is typical for teens (12-25 years). In fact, in this period of our life we have the biggest hormonal revolutions, when we overproduce androgens and other hormones.
All of this turns our sweet children into grumpy and spotty beings!

My suggestion to use the 10 best homeopathic remedies for acne bases on the awareness that this problem has a big emotional impact on our life. Adolescence is a period when we look for our own identity. A face full of pimples doesn’t certainly improve our self-esteem!

Trigger factors

Stress, wrong cosmetics (i.e. vegetal oils for face), food, hormonal changes and medications can worsen acne. It’s proven that also a certain hereditary component can influence its appearance.

Talking about food, we should avoid any “junk food” and prefer fresh vegetables and fruit, besides drinking at least 2 litres of water a day.
Anti-inflammatory diet means also low glycemic index food. Therefore, it would be preferable not to exceed with sugar, bread, pasta and pizza.
Don’t be surprised if these simple instructions are not followed by teens. This is also the period of starving and street food shared with friends.

Stress and lack of sleep can cause acne also in adults. These situations increase the prodution of cortisol, a hormone that is useful to “resist”, unfortunately with the side effect to provoke an overproduction of sebum.
Also adults may suffer from acne because of hormonal imbalances and medications (especially chemotherapic ones).

So here are the 10 best homeopathic remedies for acne:

1. Milk enzymes, omega-3 and herbal therapy

Milk enzymes, omega-3 and herbal therapy (capable of draining skin and liver) may be helpful to treat acne.

2. Psorinum

The 10 best homeopathic remedies for acne

Psorinum is one of the main homeopathic medications for acne. It’s indicated for all types of acne. It’s also used as a “last resort” when other remedies, although well prescribed, have proven no efficacy.
Its use is also good to reduce the production of sebum. If we notice that pimples multiply when we eat junk food, Psorinum is right for us. Also if we notice that our skin conditions get worse with cold in wintertime.
Psorinum has many ways to be used, according to how the problem shows up. Here I would suggest to take 5 granules 15CH, first everyday, then every other day (basing on improvements).

3. Calcarea sulphurica

The 10 best homeopathic remedies for acne

Calcarea sulphurica is one of the best remedies for acne with yellow pus. It’s useful when acne comes with big pimples, full of pus.
Calcarea sulphurica has the feature to act in different ways according to dilution. High dilutions (15-30CH) have pimples regressed, while low dilutions (5-7CH) facilitate the leak of pus.

4. Hepar sulphuris

The 10 best homeopathic remedies for acne

Hepar sulphuris has a similar action to Calcarea sulphurica, but it’s used when pimples (besides big and yellow) are also very painful.
We could use it also as an emergency remedy when a hateful huge pimple spoils our face just before an important event. In this case, 5 granules 5CH every 3 hours can facilitate the leak of pus, thus healing the lesion very quickly.
For longer periods I would suggest to take 5 granules 15CH twice a day.

5. Kalium bromatum

The 10 best homeopathic remedies for acne

Kalium bromatum is the medication for acne on face, chest and back. In this case we can observe not only yellow pimples, but also red or white pimples (not inflamed, only swollen).
It’s also effective for scars.
Furthermore, we can appreciate its effects on anxiety that afflicts many teens.
We can take 5 granules 9CH three times a day.

6. Natrum muriaticum

The 10 best homeopathic remedies for acne

Natrum muriaticum is indicated for blackheads and whiteheads (obstructed and swollen pores with no way out) on the forehead.
This problem often appears on pale and anemic (maybe a bit sad) teens. Natrum muriaticum takes care of all this aspects!
I would recommend 15CH once a day.o.

7. Antimonium tartaricum

Antimonium tartaricum finds its utility against acne papules and pustules and the scars they left. These scars may be violet.
We can take 5 granules 15CH twice a day.

8. Silica

The 10 best homeopathic remedies for acne

Silica is indicated in any case of chronic suppuration. So I would say it’s well deserved for acne.
Many types of acne localised on the forehead respond to Silica very well. Especially in presence of sweat.

I would suggest to take 5 granules of Silica 15CH three times a day.

9. Bovista

The 10 best homeopathic remedies for acne

Bovista is the homeopathic medication for acne that comes out with painful bulges and gets worse with occlusive make-up products.
In a few words: I have a bad acne on my cheeks, so I put on a thick layer of foundation to hide it… pimples will get worse and worse! To interrupt this vicious cycle, we can take 5 granules 7CH three times a day.

10. Pulsatilla

The 10 best homeopathic remedies for acne

Pulsatilla is the ideal medication for a special kind of acne that hits a girl at the beginning of her puberty.
Pimples may come out along with menstrual irregularities.
In this case I would recommend Pulsatilla 15CH, 5 granules twice a day.

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