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Menopause: a woman changes, homeopathy helps her

Menopause is a physiological stage of a woman's life. It normally occurs between 45 and 55 years of age, but also sooner or later. It starts with irregular cycles, until they disappear completely. We can talk about menopause when a year has passed without menstruation...

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Biological clock: win in beauty

Our biological clock scans our day. The modern man is more and more distant from his natural rhythms. His activity doesn't follow the cycle of seasons anymore. Actually, all living beings are driven by biological rhythms that depend on changes between light and dark....

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The 10 best homeopathic remedies for acne

The 10 best homeopathic remedies for acne prove their efficacy by acting internally. In fact, I'm often asked for a "miraculous cream for acne". But homeopathy can correct the inner imbalances that cause it! Causes for acne Acne is characterized by the presence of...

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Tiredness at the end of the year

Tiredness at the end of the year is inevitable for many of us. This period corresponds to a point of arrival of our activity. So we may feel tired before the final rush. Not to mention the tour de force of purchases, dinners and so on. For example, I think about...

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How to be happy at Christmas

Being happy at Christmas is not for granted. Feast days are not always a synonym for happiness. I often happen to help people who do not manage to feel happy at Christmas. But what are the causes for such inability? Causes First of all, Christmas comes in the period...

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Chesty cough

Chesty cough is quite often in wintertime. Like dry cough, it's a defence mechanism that our organism puts in place to get rid of something "hampering" the normal passage of air in our bronchial tubes and trachea, that may damage these structures. Chesty cough...

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Dry eye syndrome is extremely common. It's characterized by an alteration (both qualitative and quantitative) of the lacrimal production. First it causes burning and foreign body sensation; then, if the problem persists in time, it can provoke pain, low tolerance to...

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Dry cough is one of the most common symptoms, and also one of the most "battled" ones. In fact, all of us are quite bothered by the coughing sound. Dry cough is a defence mechanism put in place by our organism to clean our bronchial tubes from foreign substances. In...

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Sore throat? Natural remedies!

Sore throat! We're constantly subject to thermal stresses due to the season or our habit to live at artificial temperatures. So we ask the apothecary for advice, but instead of a box of disinfectant candies, we get back a thousand questions. Why? Because every sore...

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